OpcDbGateway – How does it work

Linking of data sources

For connecting external devices and various software applications in integrated application, it is ideal if communication software drivers – OPC servers for them are available. OpcDbGateway configurator can automatically import data items of such OPC servers in application configuration. This feature is particularly important when you consider that there can be thousands of such data items in more complex applications. Similar import functionality is provided to the structure of the database tables for connected process databases, and also for applications containing a DDE server such as MS Excel. In case that for a device an OPC server is not available, the communication driver can be included to user software module – enhancing DLL. Data links from external data sources are mapped to the so-called memory operands.


Configuring and programming of application logic

Application logic can be implemented either by using configurable commands that work with mentioned memory operands, or can be programmed in enhancing DLL. Programming is particularly useful when it comes to the implementation of complex and fast algorithms. To work with databases, you can use either the aforementioned configurable commands, SQL commands that can be inserted into the configuration, or procedures stored on external databases. It is also possible to configure and parameterize to start external programs and scripts.

Execution of integrated application

Runtime application without user interface provides an environment for the running of integrated applications while debugging of the applications is done using configuration application with user interface.  The configuration application has built-in OPC client that can connect to the internal OPC server of the runtime application. In the same way, during normal operation, various custom client applications with OPC client can be connected. An example of such an application is also together delivered application SAEAUT OPC WebView. It is a web application programmed in ASP.NET providing standard data views in the tree or list. The user has the option to extend it as needed to complete visualization application or use another application with built-in OPC client. There is also another easy way to create visualisation application – connecting of MS Excel to the runtime application over DDE interface.


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