OpcDbGateway – a data funnel

OpcDbGateway – a data funel
OpcDbGateway can be understood as a kind of data funnel into which data from different data sources flow and where they are processed and passed to external applications.


Data can come from the following sources:

  • Data from OPC servers and DA2x 3.x – mapping of address space
  • Data from a DDE server – mapping of DDE servers
  • Data from database tables – mapping database tables to the OpcDbGateway address space
  • Data obtained through other communication drivers implemented as extension DLL

Data processing:

  • Configured or programmed (within external Dll’s)software or data processing
  • Define multiple OPC groups for each external OPC server
  • Data calculations at several levels

Passing of processed data:

  • Storage in databases and files
  • Alarms generated on the processed data
  • Data transfer and e-mail as SMS
  • Generate events
  • Generation of reports

Providing processed data via:


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